Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calling all New Hampshire Residents!

Several dedicated parents have just launched the NH Coalition for
Philosophical Exemption webpage. Please be sure to add your name to
our list to support this Pro-Choice Vaccination Initiative. Check
back often as we expand the site to include: Vaccine Safety, Vaccine
Myths, Conflicts of Interest/VAERS, an Action buffet-sample letters,
talking points, links to NH legislators, Resources/Links and a Contact us page.

We are presently garnering support to legislate a philosophical
exemption for consideration in 2010. We want to unite the various
groups that may support such a bill. These include, but are not
limited to: non-vaxing parents, parents that desire a delayed
schedule, parents that desire to pick and choose vax, and individuals
that support personal freedom.

We need you to spread the word. You can find it here:
http://nhphiloexemption.org/ or e-mail nhphiloexemption@gmail.com.

Eileen Landies
Founding Member
NH Coalition for Philosophical Exemption

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