Friday, December 16, 2011

Vaccine Education 101 - Simplified!!

Do vaccines do damage to a large number of people? Yes. Ponder on this. Your child had his shots on Friday. 3 Fridays later you end up in the emergency room with your child not able to walk. What does the ER doctor tell you? Well, more than likely it is a viral thing and it will resolve on its own. What this doctor doesn't know is that your child was vaccinated that month and neurological problems are listed as side effects - to many vaccines! Rest assured though, after decades of being on these package inserts, they are finally coming off of them.

Are the chemical ingredients in the vaccines really bad for you? Yes. Would you have your child drink preservatives found in floor cleaner? No. Then, why on earth would you have your child be shot up with it?!

Are these harmful chemical ingredients in small amounts? Yes

Are these small quantities of chemicals bad for many people? Yes - people who have genetic abnormalities. Some of these chemicals can kill or seriously injure them for life. The real problem lies with the medical community not screening these individuals out.

Out of all of the most damaging ingredients, what is the worst? The blood that is in the vaccines. Vaccines can only be manufactured using blood from one of two sources - either animal or human. No vaccine can be made without using blood from a foreign source.

Let's think about this alarming fact for a moment. My husband had back surgery. He was asked to sign a waiver by the hospital in the event that he needed a blood transfusion. The hospital was asking him to sign a waiver to NOT hold them liable in the event that he needed a transfusion and contracted AIDS, Hep A, Hep B, or Hep C. He refused to sign it. He wanted them to let him die if it came down to it.

So, with that in mind - what does that tell you? Well, it tells me 3 things:

1. The blood that IS used for vaccines CANNOT be screened properly for disease

2. If they cannot purify blood for a transfusion, they CANNOT purify it for a vaccine either

3. Did you sign a waiver NOT holding your child's pediatrician liable for the diseases they may incur?

Furthermore, for any Christians out there.....I cannot even begin to tell you what a mockery this makes of the "blood of Christ". Does Satan LOVE the vaccinating population? Well, sure he does. Why? Because vaccination is a sin in the eyes of God.

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