Monday, December 12, 2011

God Does Answer Prayers

My little "baby" will be 5 in February. Time sure does fly. Nothing short of a miracle took place in our lives. If you haven't read my story, here is a quick link as to what I am referring to.

God answered my prayer that day that I was in the shower. He let me live. Looking back now, I can see so clearly why. If I had died that day, my husband would have kept right on vaccinating our baby without realizing what was going on because he would be too consumed with grief. Our son would either have ended up dead or a vegetable. I am sure of it after seeing what just 9 shots did to him.

While our son was sick, I was constantly crying out to God over him too - begging for him to be healed. Deep down, despite the horrendous circumstances, something in me felt peaceful, that he was going to be okay. Again, that had to be God giving me that peace.

God's plan to recover our future vaccine-injured boy included me. I now see that it was God holding my hand through all of this - showing me what books to read, what websites to go to, which people to talk to, etc.

My little boy is Autism and seizure-free. He is a walking miracle. I didn't save him. God did. I did apologize to God for not giving Him the credit that He deserved all along. I no longer live in fear about my brother and my older son. With God on your side, the impossible is possible.

It is pretty easy to ask God into your heart too. A simple prayer is all that it takes. I prayed this prayer when I was 11 years old - 27 years ago. Even though I fell away from God over the years, He never left my side. Why I am sharing this? Heaven is a gift and it would be selfish of me not to share with you how easy it is to get there. Not only that, but watch and see how much things change for the better after saying this simple prayer.

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