Monday, November 2, 2009

My Brother's Relapse

On Wednesday, October 21, 2009 my brother was found in bed covered in vomit and unresponsive. He also lost his bowels sometime during the night. My Dad rushed him to the closest hospital and from there he was transferred to a hospital in Boston. We were told that my brother was suffering from seizures too. The diagnosis - meningitis and encephalitis. What are the chances that this same thing would happen all over again 5 years later? Not only did the hospital not give my family any answers 5 years ago, but they still don't know what is causing his condition. I do. It is called vaccine contaminants - otherwise known as animal viruses.

I actually sat down and outlined our entire family tree - beginning with the very first generation vaccinated - my Mom and Dad. I discovered some startling information. For instance, my Mom's skin cancer was the first case reported on either side of the family. My brother inherited the predisposition and developed it some 20 years sooner than she did. Many "genetic" conditions started when vaccinations include the predisposition to Autism. I also learned that my parents' offspring were all somehow affected too....whether it was a panic disorder, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, ADD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, or Autism. We were all affected. If you look hard enough at every little medical detail in your own family tree you will begin to see a pattern emerge....again, all stemming from the first generation vaccinated. What we are dealing with is pretty scary too. Many different types of herpes viruses are involved as well as SV40, Lyme, and so much more (in some cases well-known sexually transmitted diseases play a factor too). These, I'm afraid are all vaccine contaminants that are sexually transmitted and genetic. So, the medical community is telling you a half truth when they say that Autism is genetic.

Is it any coincidence that the medical community only performs a Western Blot test for Lyme, yet the CDC even states that this test has a high failure rate? Is it any coincidence that HHV-6 (human herpes virus) may be a factor in many cases of Autism, yet the medical community is NOT ALLOWED to perform the correct testing? I don't think so. Is it any coincidence that the medical community's only treatment option is antiviral drugs which only suppress certain viruses and not kill them? Again, I don't think so.

My son's DAN doctor told me that he read an article in Lancet that described a strange sort of illness dating all the way back to the late 1800's. It sounded very much like Autism and a certain number of people came down with the illness after contracting measles naturally. My mouth fell open. I said, "So, it did start with vaccines! I was off on my timeline because I thought it began in the 1940's after the introduction of the Pertussis Vaccine!" His doctor said, "There weren't any vaccines that began back then, were there?" I said, "Yes, the smallpox vaccine!" Cows were used for this vaccine. In one of Jenny McCarthy's books, a representative from the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that they KNEW that the rubella virus was also a factor for sending some children spiraling down into the world of Autism too. So, this would explain why some children are sent over the edge after the MMR shot. Even then, they were genetically predisposed to the condition.

I now see that I was meant to go through everything that I went through in order to save not only myself, but my entire family. The DAN treatment protocol is wonderful, but we are only dealing with treating the symptoms and not the causes - viruses hiding out in our cells. Parasites may play a role too. Either way, vaccines are the true cause of most chronic and neurological disease. If you don't get to the root cause (vaccine contaminants), metals and yeast will only continue to accumulate. You will also be genetically predisposed to many types of cancer if you don't deal with the true problem here. The neurotoxins found in vaccines simply add fuel to the fire and act as carriers so that these contaminants will cross the blood-brain barrier and enter other vital organs.

At least I now know what I am dealing with and how to kill them. If I reversed my own vaccine injury, I can certainly reverse theirs. Read "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts to get a clearer picturer of what I am referring to as vaccine contaminants.


momawake said...

I have three questions.
1. What is DAN?
2. What did you do to reverse your own vaccine injury?
3. What was your injury?

I've been working on yeast issues for years and getting better, but had not considered how vaccines play a part. Thanks.

Dawn said...


A DAN doctor is a "Defeat Autism Now" doctor. These are the same doctors that are recovering children from Autism (such as Jenny McCarthy's child, Evan).

I reversed my own vaccine injury by using oxygenated water and Olive Leaf Extract. I'm definitely not telling you to use this same method. In fact, I can't offer any advice in your particular situation because I would run the risk of a lawsuit. What you can do though is start investigating which came first - the yeast, heavy metals, or something of viral nature. I was always led to believe that yeast causes metals to accumulate and heavy metals cause yeast to accumulate. What if we are going about it the wrong way though? What if the root cause was something viral causing the latter to accumulate?

My vaccine injury was a partial hearing loss (an actual side effect to the Rubella Vaccine).

Anonymous said...

Whatever happended to The Hippocratic Oath "...and never do harm to anyone."

(It was pretty much discarded in the 1970's when abortion was legalized and 'modern' thinkers found much of the traditional ethics like "Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy" in the Oath too restrictive to one's financial success. And now we're paying the price.)

Anonymous said...

i am doing a research project for my engish class and i choose the topic of vaccines, being against them obviously. This website helped me out alot! Thanks!