Thursday, November 12, 2009

Retroviruses in Vaccines

Another big THANK YOU to for allowing me to write for them!!

I now see that my youngest son had to develop Autism in order for me to figure all of this out. All of my family's health conditions are retroviruses - meaning they were vaccine-induced. Also, the type of panic attacks that my mother is suffering from are actually a form of Epilepsy. Staring out the window and daydreaming (such as my father, brother, and 2 children) are also a form of Epilepsy. Children may also suffer from seizures during sleep which may present themselves as a "speech delay".

Seizures are caused by one of two underlying conditions - a retroviral infection OR toxic heavy metal exposure. Well, whenever there is a retroviral infection present, there is usually an enormous amount of heavy metals present as well - in the cells and in the rest of the body. I do understand that anemia is linked to seizures, but in order to have the anemia you must more than likely have an infection of some sort depleting your nutrients. The same holds true for premature graying, balding, and aging!!

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