Saturday, October 17, 2009

Then and Now

It appears that we haven't come very far from where we were in 2002. Congressman Dan Burton's own grandson was adversely affected by vaccines. It is important to note that the full 25 mcg of mercury remained on the shelves as late as 2004 - possibly even later. Safety was not a priority for vaccine manufacturers. The possibility of financial loss was. Even now, vaccine manufacturers are permitted to sell vaccines containing "trace amounts" of mercury (meaning .3 mcg or less) and still carry the mercury-free label. However, there is no organization overseeing that they are, in fact, using trace amounts. It is left up to the vaccine manufacturers.

What has happened since this hearing? Doctors, scientists, and several of our government organizations are claiming that vaccines do not cause Autism. In fact, they proudly announce that 14 "studies" were conducted to prove it.

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Delanea said...

It is disgusting that this continues. Denial after denial. Everyone knows those 14 studies show nothing because they didn't answer the right questions. I do hope some people will wake up and stop believing everything they hear on TV or from their doctor as the word of the Almighty. I pray that people will do their research before injecting any substance into their children's bodies (or their own). I hope that actual SCIENCE will someday be used in our technologically advanced country! My mother questioned my decision not to vaccinate my daughter, but now she stands behind me 100% after I shared some information with her from a science perspective. My almost 16-month-old has never had so much as the sniffles and I am confident in my decision.

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Thank you for your blog! You are doing such a huge service to others by relating your own experiences and providing information for those who have questions!