Friday, October 16, 2009

More Deaths Likely Due to H1N1?

I'm quite certain that we will continue to hear about more H1N1 related deaths. However, if we are trying to avoid outbreaks, why on earth would schools, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores administer a vaccine that leaves the vaccine recipient CONTAGIOUS for AT LEAST 21 days??!! The duration of "shedding" is unknown at this time. Start demanding answers from these people!

Please see section 14.5 on page 19 of their package insert for clarification.

Thankfully, many hospitals are shunning the live-virus vaccine. I believe it really won't matter. As long as this nasal spray continues to be administered around the country, we will continue to see outbreaks, but on a much larger scale than ever before.


FEAT said...

I heard there was a death around our area from the vaccine. So sad.

Dawn said...


You wouldn't happen to have the location or other details about the story, would you? TIA!