Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bright Minds Institute - interesting conversation recently

The other day I received a phone call from Bright Minds Institute. I totally spaced that I called them after seeing Oprah probably over a year ago (in search of help for my older learning disabled/ADHD child). Well, they just called and I had an interesting chat with the office person. She explained how they use DEEP Assessments for children like my son (yeah, about $5,000 for the total cost too). They have found that children suffering from learning disabilities (which are evident in early childhood by developmental delays usually), ADHD, Autism, etc. are actually suffering from seizures that are not apparent to the naked eye, but detected using their equipment. My response to her was, "Wow, that makes sense. Are you familiar with Dr. Andrew Moulden from Canada? He is currently representing 8,000+ vaccine-injured children in court right now and has discovered that vaccines cause microvascular strokes. So, what you are telling me makes a lot of sense too."

I then thanked her for calling me, told her I would talk to my husband about the procedure, and then hung up. Hopefully, she will look into contacting Dr. Moulden. What I should have done was asked her what she thinks caused these "seizures" in children because seizures are a sign of brain damage.


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Leslie said...

Hello, Dawn - was just forwarded your blog post on strokes from a colleague in Scotland.

We have been reviewing Dr. Moulden's work - and my colleague in Illinois just attended one of his lectures and he is attributing autism and the mini-strokes to vaccine/childhood immunizations.

We are now seeing the same conditions occurring with the girls who have taken the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

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