Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HB 1555 Hearing Continued to February 8, 2010

It is very frustrating trying to convince HHS committee members of the importance of this bill. I, along with many others present for these hearings got the sense that something fishy was going on. Quite a few, judging from their body language and questions asked, were not in support of this bill for a parent's right decide what vaccines, if any are best for their child. So, in one final last ditch effort, I submitted this email to all of them:

Dear Committee Member:

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak before the committee the other day. You have all been granted the enormous task to determine whether HB 1555 should be passed or not. I can only hope and pray that you will be granted the gift of wisdom based on accurate information before doing so. There were some important points that were raised during both hearings by certain committee members that were not properly addressed, which is why I am emailing you this information personally.

You must be aware of a very important fact. I urge you to research it further. The World Health Organization is the ultimate authority over the Vaccine Program. Yes, the CDC, FDA, HHS, NIH, AAP, AMA and others are all key players, but it is the World Health Organization (WHO) who ultimately runs the show, so to speak. They have been quoted on record admitting that vaccines were not responsible for the eradication of disease. It was proper hygiene and sanitation that we have to thank for that.

Also, one of Representative Pilliod’s constituents has informed me that he is not in support of this bill. He even went as far as to tell this person that vaccines are quite safe and that he has never heard of or seen anyone damaged by vaccines. Below, you will find actual proof of countless studies that were published in peer-reviewed medical journals proving that vaccines have been shown to cause cancer, autoimmune disease, seizures, brain swelling, kidney failure, hearing loss, heart failure, metabolism changes and death.

With that said, we are assured by health officials that our vaccines are quite safe. What you must ask yourself is why does every single vaccine on the market carry a disclaimer from the manufacturer that they don’t know if they cause cancer, alter our DNA, or impair our fertility because no studies have been done? This disclaimer has been on them for many years. Why haven’t they been done? Below, I have provided you an example of this disclaimer on a Hep B vaccine given to persons aged 0 – adult. Please refer to page 6 on the link below to see this with your own eyes. You might also want to question why this vaccine is given in doses of 0.5 mL to newborns through 19 yrs of age. Could you imagine your 5 lb baby getting the same dose as say, a 19 year old professional athlete? Where is the logic? Are we over-vaccinating our newborns?

Vaccines are so toxic that they must be regarded often as either infectious waste, hazardous waste, or both. If any vaccine contains even minute amounts of mercury, it must be disposed of properly. This also means that if that vial is dropped on the floor, the building must be evacuated and a hazmat crew must dispose of it properly.

Afluria is manufactured by CSL and it is a seasonal flu shot recommended for infants as young as 6 months old. This vaccine does contain a trace amount of mercury. Therefore, it must be regarded as hazardous material and disposed of properly. Do you want this vaccine injected into the arm of your child, grandchild, or any other child for that matter? (list of vaccines with mercury and at what levels)

When you read stories from the NY Times or publications distributed by the CDC about “outbreaks” among unvaccinated populations, you must bear in mind this important fact. If the CDC recommends 5 doses of a particular vaccine and the person has not yet completed the schedule, they would be considered unvaccinated. An example of this would be a 5 year old child coming down with Pertussis. Even though this child did receive 4 doses since 2 months of age, the child did not receive the last dose before the age of 6 and in this case the CDC would consider this person “unvaccinated”.

If we are so concerned about “Herd Immunity”, why then are physicians not required to be vaccinated for anything? Why are nurses given a titers test during nursing school to see if they even need a vaccine (check for antibodies)? They deal with the public on a daily basis and I would think that they would be a higher risk to society if there was such a thing as herd immunity.

What the science community has just admitted in the above article is that for last 200+ years, we have been vaccinating people without knowing if they work and now finding out that they haven’t. Sounds like a scandal to me.

Dr. Paul Offit is hailed as the leading expert on immunology. He has stated that any person could handle up to 10,000 antigens in any given day because we encounter them on a daily basis. This is not true. In fact, according to Merck’s own manual, anyone suffering from a B or T cell immunodeficiency should not receive a live-virus vaccine because it could kill them.

“Merck warns in its Manual that patients with, or from families with, B and/or T cell immunodeficiencies should not receive live-virus vaccines due to the risk of severe or fatal infection. Elsewhere, it lists features of B and T cell immunodeficiencies as food allergies, inhalant allergies, eczema, dermatitis, neurological deterioration and heart disease. To translate, people with these conditions can die if they receive live-virus vaccines. Their immune systems are simply not competent enough to guarantee a healthy reaction to the viral assault from modified live-virus vaccines.”

If you are wondering why the public is so mislead about the truth regarding the safety of vaccines, you are not alone. What it really boils down to is money, politics, or just sheer ignorance. Did you know that our poor physicians are even enticed with yearly bonuses from vaccine manufacturers based on their number of patients and their fully-vaccinated status? It is no wonder why so many pediatricians are dismissing patients from their practice these days. Just ask any mother who has been belittled, badgered, and finally dismissed for failing to comply with the CDC’s vaccination schedule. The madness doesn’t end there because schools, government officials and medical teaching facilities receive extraordinary funding too. I also ask you again to question Representative Pilliod’s previous statement about him not seeing any damage from vaccines or hearing of any for that matter.

Any leading medical authority that tells you vaccines don’t cause Autism is either a liar or an ignorant fool. According to the maker of Tripedia, a popular DTaP vaccine given to infants beginning 2 months of age, Autism is listed as a possible adverse reaction in post-marketing surveillance. Please see page 11 on the link below for clarification:

Also, you must know that these so-called studies proving vaccines don’t cause Autism only covered 2 vaccines (DTaP and MMR) and one ingredient – mercury. Any physician who actually reviewed the details of these studies would know this and would also know that the studies were overseen by the vaccine manufacturers. Chances are though that these same physicians only reviewed the memo that was handed to them by their employer, nothing more. On an alarming note, Concord Pediatric Dentistry has informed me that 1 in every 10 of their toddler patients has severe Autism. They wanted to know what is causing it. A local elementary teacher told me 1 in every 4 of her students has either mild or severe Autism. Depending upon where you live in NH, the statistics vary. It certainly isn’t 1 in 100 – that is for sure.

I have written 2 articles that I would like to share with you. The first article is an example of how vaccines are not safe for everyone. The second article covers the retroviral contamination that is in them.

The purity of vaccines was another question posed, for which Dr. Jose Montero really had no answer. Vaccines have been found to be so polluted with contaminants (adenoviruses, retroviruses, and bacteria), that the WHO had to set a rate of acceptable contamination levels. 106 to 107 possible viral particles per milliliter for the substrates on which our vaccines are grown on. It is important to keep in mind that some of these retroviruses are found to be sexually transmitted and genetic. They have also been proven to cause cancer by either turning off certain genes (gene 53 for example) or simply when in contact with other environmental toxins. So, even if you don’t vaccinate your own children, the chances are quite high that they will be infected from an intimate partner. SV-40 is an example of one such vaccine contaminant. It is a monkey virus that humans were infected with through the oral polio vaccine. Despite the CDC’s knowledge that this was in them for decades, they did nothing to stop it. Vaccines were found to be infected with this virus as much as 5 weeks later, but due to costs, the National Institute of Health stepped in and only allowed vaccines to be monitored for “purity” a mere 14 days. This is one retrovirus among many that Autistic children are testing positive for. Nothing has changed over the years regarding the purification screening process either.

The following link will summarize what has been found in vaccines thus far:

Now that I have supplied you with countless proof of vaccines causing harm, I do hope that you will do the right thing and show your support for HB 1555. Quite frankly, not only do I not want people in office who are unconstitutional, but I do not want them making medical decisions for my family either.

On a personal note, my son was one of those “Autistics” that you hear about who toe-walked, banged their head, grunted, spun, flapped, and did not point. It was caused by vaccines (vaccine contamination) and I have plenty of scientific proof to back up this claim. I also recovered my child (like 60,000 other parents in this country) and he is going to lead a normal life with no help from the medical community (the medical community is responsible). He is actually extremely bright too when compared to his peers. In fact, you can recover from other neurological diseases by using my method also. I didn’t share this information earlier because I am tired of the media and our government officials not only labeling entire system malfunction as “Autism”, but that it is not caused by vaccines. They are lying to you and the rest of society.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more. I thank you for your time.


** If any of these individuals vote against this Constitutional Bill, we must vote them out of office during the next election.


Foresam said...

After a discussion with Dr Pilliod in May of 2008, I sent him the following email. The lying scoundrel never replied.

Hi Dr Pilliod,
Per our discussion this afternoon, here is the link I told you about.
Since the medical profession is protected from lawsuits by the legal "standard of
care" rule, don't you think it is time you guys admitted a mistake was made? You
can blame the CDC and the drug manufacturers and then go about the business of helping us
cure our brain damaged kids. Then your profession would look like decent human beings
instead of the horse's asses that you have made out of yourselves by trying to deny the
truth that we learned in 1999.
You don't look very good when English majors like me show you up by curing our kids
from the damage you guys caused. The longer this coverup goes on, the worse you look.
John Best
Londonderry, NH

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn - I was haunted by a comment you made on an Age of Autism comment line, that Merck says in their manual that children with eczema and allergies should not get vaccinated. I would like to know where you found this. When it isn't the middle of the night I will read more of your blog and I am interested in the therapies you found. My children do not have autism but are vaccine injured and I believe hurting from the toxins. My second specifically suffered a year of petechiae after her 1 year shots, a month of vomiting, food aversion and has severe eczema, which she had previous to that. Also, she developed a dairy allergy as well, in spite of being EBF for 10 months. She also suffered hardening of the skin around the injection sites which they told me was "normal" and now has a large, birthmark like scar there. My oldest didn't suffer a set back until she went to kindergarten and got her MMR and chicken pox boosters. I tell everyone that she was abducted by aliens (we have to joke or we cry right?) because she completely changed and now suffered from emotional and memory setbacks and undiagnosed dyslexia - her own intelligence which was ENORMOUS prior to the shots has compensated enough to make her "average" regardless of her odd issues. My youngest is vaccine free and by far the most normal and able to retain and pick up information - and he is a boy LOL ;) Anyway, I would love to know more. I recently started a blog - feel free to find me there. thanks :) - Laura