Friday, November 28, 2008

My Friends and Family Were Notified

Many of my friends and family members still feel the need to vaccinate their children or themselves despite my horror story. When this whole nightmare began with my baby's reactions to his vaccines I sent out mass emails almost daily on vaccine information. I also told them that I would be watching my son very closely for any long-term effects such as delays. Well, just yesterday I spread the word - "I TOLD YOU SO! My son has vaccine-induced autism and you have a detailed account from the beginning of how it happened - beginning with his scary vaccine reactions."

I just don't understand how people cannot be bothered researching or even reading what I give them. I even gave some of Neil Z. Miller's books as pre-baby shower gifts and none of the recipients read them! Are people really that brainwashed or really that friggin lazy? Nobody even mentioned vaccines to me while I was pregnant. I honestly had no clue at the time that they were dangerous. What I do know is that if just one person had mentioned it to me, I would have definitely looked into it.

This reminds me of a story that I was told the other day by the DAN doctor. He told me that he has a mother of 5 who is currently taking her 4 vaccine-injured children to him for treatment. Her 5th child died four hours after his vaccines and her other children become violently ill with their subsequent vaccines. The poor doctor couldn't understand why she is still vaccinating them. I said, "Doctor, there is a term for that. It is called being a 'sheeple'." He looked confused, but curious. I said, "This woman still feels the need to follow the herd". He smiled, but with a sad look on his face. You see, he cannot tell this woman not to vaccinate her children anymore. The AAP has put the fear into the doctors also. If he happens to tell her this, her child catches something like chickenpox (for which they have a vaccine for) and she misses work to tend to her sick child - she then could legally sue that doctor and win for lost wages and mental anguish. Yet, if he tells her to vaccinate and her child dies - she has no legal recourse and a 50% chance that her case will be dismissed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program! Yet, the doctor is not liable in this case for any wrongdoing. Is that insane or what?

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