Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Brother's Test Results

For any of you who are new to this blog, my brother was a victim of the Vaccine Program as well. You can begin reading his story here.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, he relapsed 5 years later.

I have to laugh when people say that the polio vaccine eradicated polio. Really? I had found out that the original cases of polio during the great "outbreaks" were actually caused by either chemical poisoning or directly from the vaccine itself. Did you also know that even today, health officials have not yet proven that polio is caused by a virus? Furthermore, that polio was then given over 10 new names to fool people into believing that the disease was "eradicated"? Yes, one of its new names is "Viral Meningitis". So, essentially, if my brother had this same illness in the 1950's, he would have been classified as a polio victim. We have more cases of polio now than we ever did throughout history too.

Well, my family did happen to find my brother's vaccine record from the Coast Guard. Low and behold, there were 2 vaccines on that record that stuck out like a sore thumb. He received 2 doses of a meningitis vaccine and he was also given an oral polio vaccine. Was it one of those vaccines that caused his condition or was it all of them combined (he received countless shots in a short period of time)? In case you are not aware, the oral polio vaccine was taken off the market in the 1990's because it was causing too many cases of meningitis in children. Yet, they still continued to give it to our military? I was also quite surprised that not only was my brother registering antibodies for the vaccines that he was given, but for other things as well. Despite the fact that he has never developed the acute symptoms of certain illnesses or received any vaccines for them, he was still registering antibodies.

My father did mention this alarming news to my brother's doctors. He just kept insisting that his son's vaccines were to blame. What is really shocking is what happened next. The doctors actually wrote in his records that they believe that his vaccines were a factor in his medical condition. Why is this so shocking? His last set of vaccines were administered in the year 2000. He did not become ill until 2004 and then again in 2009. His final diagnosis that was delivered in 2010? ADEM. This condition can be a result of vaccination injury. This medical documentation was given to us by the 3rd leading hospital in the United States. It was also a condition that was recognized in a young girl after she received her Gardasil vaccine.

I don't know what is more comforting - the fact that they told my sister-in-law to be sure that he doesn't receive any more vaccines or the simple fact that the medical community recognized his vaccine injury. It is truly sad that he will never be compensated for his ordeal.

My brother was recently approved for SSDI (disability). Though he can remember certain things from years ago (before his illness), he cannot remember anything in the more recent years beyond the timeframe of 12 hours. We are not sure at this time if he will be collecting for life or not. He is only 34 years old and the monthly entitlement is less than $1,200. We are desperately trying to recover him through natural remedies that have helped my own son after his vaccine injury, but it is extremely difficult when my brother doesn't believe anything is wrong with him to begin with. What is even more heartbreaking is knowing that he is at risk of relapsing again. I can only hope and pray that he does not.


capricorn said...

Sorry to hear about your brother's vaccine injury!

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Debi said...

Dawn, I am so impressed with your research and I am so sorry all that your family has suffered, you are in my prayers!! I am sharing your blog on my blog. I am part of group that is trying to change vaccine laws. Just a heads up, did you know that your Google sense ads are putting up ads endorsing vaccines??

Lowell said...

I also have a vaccine truth blog, and a battle going on with a certain no identity provaccine liar, (and never has had any identity), that has been after me now for a year and a half.

Feel free to comment on either blog, his or mine. But he likely will not publish any truth comments; either that or he will lie about it and claim it is me, and distort what was there. This is an example of the height of the in denial madness we are up against.

I am also the author of this site:

Thanks for working to bring the public the straight truth on vaccines! The truth will get a persona attacked putting it out there in the right places; and even death threats and more. I have been stalked, hacked and followed for a year and a half.